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Matchmaking for life, work, and fun based on who you really are. Meet and connect with activity partners, business besties, or your special person based on your inner Gifts. Engage in deep conversations and collaborations that you might have overlooked by looking for the wrong things.

Build Stronger Relationships at Home, Work, in Ministry, & Everywhere in Between

Do you ever feel like you’re constantly clashing with others? Do you find it difficult to understand why people react the way they do to certain situations? The answer may lie in your motivational gifts. Understanding your Gifts and how they impact your interactions with others is essential for success in all areas of life.

The BestieFinder Gift Assessment is a comprehensive self-reflection tool that will help you discover your unique motivational gifts. It’s easy and straightforward, and the results will provide you with valuable insights into your personal and professional life.

Team Building & Development

Struggling to unite your team? BestieFinder can help you bring your team together and foster a culture of collaboration.

Conflict Management

A personalized approach to conflict resolution promoting understanding, empathy, and collaboration.

Leadership Development

Enhance your skills with coaching and support so you become a more effective and inspiring leader.

Individual & Group Coaching

Build stronger relationships with your team and achieve your project objectives with confidence.

Go beyond personality testing to discover your teams' true strengths

The BestieFinder Gift Assessment is an alternative to traditional employee personality testing that provides valuable insights into your team members’ motivational gifts. With easy and straightforward results, they can confidently navigate their unique path to personal and professional growth.

Client Success Stories

Discovering my God-given gifts strengthened my confidence, and I am now able to walk in the destiny created for me. I encourage everyone seeking guidance for life to take a step of faith and discover their gifts through the BestieFinder Gift Assessment.

Veronica Booker
Pastor, New Direction Outreach Ministry

Discovering my God-given motivational gifts was life-changing! It taught me to be free to love me. I learned to walk in boldness and without remorse because I finally understood that my gifts led to my purpose. I highly recommend everyone take the assessment and discover their gifts.

Keshia Johnson

Chief of Operations, Decatur Pediatric Group

After taking an earlier version of the BestieFinder Gift Assessment through Woman University, at first, I was very surprised by the outcome. But once I really took a closer look, I realized my gifts described who I am tenfold.

Karen Phillips

CEO, KP Konsulting & Event Planning

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Inspire growth and servant leadership in your ministry

Our program is an ideal solution for ministry leaders looking to build strong and collaborative auxiliary teams and create welcoming and engaging new member onboarding programs.

BestieFinder provides a comprehensive approach to leadership development, focusing on aligning your gifts and calling with your leadership style.