Align your calling

with your Gifts

Build a self-aware leadership team to create a community strong enough to collaborate and serve.

Ministry Leadership Development
Based on the Motivational Gifts

Cultivate collaborative and inspirational leaders, both on your team and hidden in your community.

Are you a ministry leader looking to enhance your leadership skills and encourage servant leadership among your team and community? Explore our comprehensive approach to leadership development, blending your gifts with your leadership style.

With easy and straightforward results, our Gift Assessment unveils the path to personal and professional growth through insights into each member’s unique motivational gifts.

Beat communication breakdowns that  impact your team’s performance

Mitigate trust issues that are killing valuable connections within your team

Relieve the stress and frustration of working around unproductive teamwork

Bring your congregation together as a community of leaders.

We combine raw insights with personalized coaching and support to help your team apply their gifts to their ministry leadership roles. Help team members better understand each other’s communication styles and motivators to achieve increased productivity and a deeper sense of connection.

Our program is an ideal solution for ministry leaders looking to build strong and collaborative auxiliary teams as well as create welcoming and engaging new member programs. Unlock your full potential and achieve success in all areas of ministry leadership with BestieFinder.

For Leadership

For Auxiliaries

For Future Members

Client Success Stories

Discovering my God-given gifts strengthened my confidence, and I am now able to walk in the destiny created for me. I encourage everyone seeking guidance for life to take a step of faith and discover their gifts through the BestieFinder Gift Assessment.

Veronica Booker
Pastor, New Direction Outreach Ministry

Wow what an eye-opener!! When I took the BestieFinder Gift Assessment, I felt set free! My gifts are what make me unique and I have now found out where I fit in and where I work best with others in groups, at work, and at church.

Vickie Shears

Hostess & Greeter (Ministry)

After taking an earlier version of the BestieFinder Gift Assessment through Woman University, at first, I was very surprised by the outcome. But once I really took a closer look, I realized my gifts described who I am tenfold.

Karen Phillips

CEO, KP Konsulting & Event Planning