What are the Motivational Gifts?

People often struggle with knowing who they really are, and their purpose, and are secretly and seriously concerned with getting to know themselves better. We all want to be more fulfilled, happy, and the best version of ourselves. As we understand our own giftedness, it enables us to be of greater service to our purpose, vision, organization, and tribe. In turn, you can enjoy the work you do and do it well. 

When you understand your gifts, you recognize why you act the way you do, like the things you like (or dislike), and that understanding enhances every relationship you have. That includes family, friends, spouse, ministry, work, and community.

Where do the Motivational Gifts come from?

There are three categories of spiritual gifts – manifestation, ministry, and our focus, the motivational gifts. It’s an authentic way of looking at the inborn gifts God gives to everyone. Your motivational gifts affect every aspect of your life. While the Gift Assessment is grounded in Christian teachings, you’ll find that you do not have to be Christian, or even a person of faith, to see the value and impact of the personal assessment tool. 

Below you’ll find the Motivational Wheel, which shows where the gifts fall in the trichotomy of Mind, Will, and Emotions. Each category influences the associated gift(s) in different ways.

The Motivational Wheel, a circle divided into 6 slices consisting of the Mind, Will, and Emotions plus the shaded areas between each., with 3 lines through the shaded areas. Letters that correspond to each gift are placed in different areas of the wheel.

The Mind slice of the graph includes  the letter T for the Teacher gift.

The Will slice of the pie contains a P for the Perceiver gift.

The Emotions slice includes a C for the Compassion gift.

The remaining gifts are spread on 3 axes bisecting the shaded areas with the G for Giver in the center.

A for Administrator sits between Mind & Will. S for Server sits between Will & Emotions. and the E for Exhorter sits between Emotions & Mind.

The Perceiver [Will]

Perceiver is one who is driven by truth and has trouble holding things in. This is one of the most misunderstood gifts because Perceivers tend to be or come across as judgmental and blunt.

  • Sees everything as either black or white, there is no gray area
  • Sensitive to the character of individuals and groups

The Server [Will & Emotion]

The Server receives joy through assisting, carrying out instructions, and generally feeling useful. However, Servers tend to have problems saying no and may neglect their own family’s needs by being too busy helping others. They often find it hard to accept being served by others.

  • Easily recognizes practical needs and is quick to meet them
  • Especially enjoys hands-on projects, jobs, and functions

The Teacher [Mind]

The Teacher is very analytical and logical and is not really concerned with your opinions. They deal in facts and consequently are often in the role of teaching others, regardless of profession. Teachers tend to develop pride in their intellectual ability, for better or worse.

  • Presents truth in a logical, systematic way
  • Validates truth by checking out the facts

The Exhorter [Emotion & Mind]

Exhorters are natural counselors and want to impart information that improves people’s lives. They love to encourage others to live victoriously and are loved because of their positive attitude. However, Exhorters tend to interrupt others in their eagerness to give opinions or advice.

  • Encourages others to live up to their full potential.
  • Prefers to apply truth rather than research it.

The Giver [The Center of it All]

The Giver can be a leader or a follower and s uniquely resourceful. They give freely of everything – money, time, energy, love, possessions, and more.  Givers handle finances with wisdom but may upset family and friends with their unpredictable giving patterns.

  • Loves to give without others knowing about it
  • Wants to feel a part of the causes to which they contribute

The Administrator [Mind & Will]

The Administrator is a born leader and visionary. They constantly write notes to themselves and are highly motivated to organize their responsibilities. However, they can neglect home responsibilities as they are prone to workaholism.

  • Expresses ideas and organizations in ways that communicate clearly
  • Respects and handles authority well

The Compassionate [Emotion]

The gift of compassion is the most beautiful gift but can be the most emotionally destructive. Compassionates have the greatest capacity to show love, yet are most vulnerable to hurt because their hearts are most open to others. Compassionates are drawn to hurting people and take action to remove hurts and relieve stress in others.

  • Always looks for the good in people
  • Sensitive to the spiritual and emotional condition of a group or individual

The motivational gifts represent who you are at your core, and influence how you see the world, make decisions, and interact with others. When you “feel it in your spirit” or “go with your gut,” you’re responding to the drive of your gifts in action. Ready to find out who you really are? Take the Assessment.

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